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Meet Bill

Bill was 87 years young when he lost his wife, Jan. They were married for over 60 years, had raised a daughter together and cherished so many memories. As he was grieving, Bill didn’t consider the importance of seeking financial and legal support.

Jan had been unwell for some time and was living in a nursing home when she passed. This didn’t make Jan’s passing any less challenging for Bill. He not only struggled to cope emotionally but he also had some uncertainty about the future which lay ahead for him without her.

Seeking financial and legal support

Thankfully, Bill has the support of his daughter Catherine who suggested that they seek financial and legal assistance.

Catherine is a member of APS Benefits and didn’t hesitate to reach out to the team at APS Wills & Estates for support. Her experience with other APS services has been exceptional and she knew that Bill would be looked after. They needed to discuss the immediate issues of Jan’s estate and this also led to legal and financial support to help Bill plan for his future. The process was as seamless as possible with all the required services found in one place.

APS Benefits Group provided Bill with the necessary legal and financial assistance including:

  •   Having the title to Bill and Jan’s home put into Bill’s name as surviving proprietor
  •   Having Bill obtain a Grant of Probate to entitle him to deal with Jan’s assets
  •   Realising the assets of Jan’s estate, including nursing home bond and share portfolio
  •   Acting for Bill and Catherine in the purchase of the new home
  •   Through APS Property Loans, providing bridging finance to complete the home purchase
  •   Acting for Catherine in the sale of her former home
  •   Acting for Bill in the sale of his former home

Setting up a financially secure future

Bill received the net proceeds of the estate and net funds after the purchase and sale. He invested this into a high-interest savings account with APS Savings and is now earning an interest rate that is four times higher than what the big banks are offering. He is living comfortably in his new house and is secure and confident that his finances are in order.

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