Funeral Benefits

Funeral Benefits

Have greater peace of mind that your family and loved ones are covered financially and can manage the costs that come with a funeral.


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Benefits and features

Free increases to your benefit

Your funeral benefit will increase with declared membership bonuses. You can always add extra to your funeral benefit, up to a limit. 

Peace of mind

There are some things in life you’d probably rather not think about, even though you know they’re important – like who will pay for your funeral. Setting up a funeral benefit means the cost of your funeral won’t leave your family out of pocket.

Quick payouts

Funeral benefits are generally paid within 24 hours, at a time when your loved ones need it most. The benefit can be used to help cover any funeral expenses so your family and loved ones can focus on what matters. 

Common questions

How do I receive my benefit?

The nominated beneficiary receives the funeral benefit within 24 hours of notification. All APS members are automatically entitled to a funeral benefit.

How much can I receive?

Your funeral benefits can be purchased to a maximum of $20,000 for adult cover and $7000 for child cover. After the age of 70 (for existing members), your funeral benefit is free.

Why does membership entitle me to a Funeral Benefit?

If you have tried to take out a personal loan, you may have noticed you need to become a member first. All members are entitled to, and receive a funeral benefit.

Who is it for?

Anyone can apply for a funeral benefit. It’s an easy way to ease the financial and emotional burden on family members when you pass away.

Find your level of cover

Age at your next birthday (Total funeral benefit)

17–30 ($15,000)

31 ($14,600)

32 ($14,100)

33 ($13,600)

34 ($13,100)

35 ($12,600)

36 ($12,100)

37 ($11,600)

38 ($11,100)

39 ($10,700)

40 ($10,200)

41 ($9,800)

42 ($9,400)

43 ($8,900)

44 ($8,500)

45 ($8,100)

46 ($7,700)

47 ($7,300)

48 ($6,900)

49 ($6,600)

50 ($6,200)

51 ($5,800)

52 ($5,500)

53 ($5,100)

54 ($4,800)

55 ($4,500)

56 ($4,100)

57 ($3,800)

58 ($3,500)

59 ($3,200)

60 ($2,900)

61 ($2,600)

62 ($2,300)

63 ($2,000)

64 ($1,700)

65 ($1,400)

66-85 (lump sum on application)

Dependant child cover

Age at your next birthday (Total funeral benefit)



*If you will be over 65 at your next birthday and are not an existing member. You can become a member and get a funeral benefit. Premiums are only payable to age 70 for existing members and then your cover is free. Premiums are fixed and won’t increase. Your funeral benefit will generally be paid to your nominated beneficiary within 24 hours of us being advised of your passing. Your funeral benefit will never decrease, but it may increase with the bonuses that we allocate to you from our surplus funds.

What clients are saying

“I can not thank you enough for your compassion and understanding in the handling and payment of my brother’s funeral benefit.”

APS Benefits Member

“Thank you for the almost instant response in forwarding my mother a cheque to cover the funeral benefit. Your service was outstanding.”

APS Benefits Member

“Thank you for the efficient manner in which you dealt with my funeral benefit. Once again, APS has proved to be very reliable and professional.”

APS Benefits Member

Apply for additional funeral cover

For extra cover, you can pay a lump sum or increase your membership fees up to a maximum benefit value of $20,000.

We’re here to help you

Reach us from 9:00am until 5:00pm weekdays


1300 131 809




How do I purchase funeral cover with the APS Benefits Group?

Simply complete the one page online application form or download a membership application form.

You will be asked for proof of identity, so please have your driver’s licence or passport and
Medicare no. available.

How much funeral cover will I receive?

You can choose the cover you need up to $20,000. Your membership fees are only payable to age 70, the younger you are the higher your benefit will be. If you require additional cover, you can pay an additional fee.

Can I increase my funeral benefit?

You may increase your funeral benefit at any time up to a maximum of $20,000 (not
including bonuses).

Please complete the Application for Additional Cover form or contact us for more details.

Who receives my benefit when I pass?

When you join, you will be asked to nominate a beneficiary. You will need to inform your
beneficiary of your funeral cover with APS Benefits so that they can contact us when you
pass and arrange payment of your benefit.

What happens to my Funeral Benefit when I die?

Your funeral benefit is paid to your nominated beneficiary generally within 24 hours of advice
of your death. Please ensure your nominated beneficiary knows that all they have to do is
call us on 1300 131 809 or email us at info@apsbenefitsgroup.com.au to organise payment of your benefit after your passing. It is important to change your beneficiary if your circumstances change.

What if I decide to leave the APS Benefits Group?

Call us to discuss your options on 1300 131 809.

Can anyone be covered for funeral cover?

Anyone over the age of 1 can join APS Benefits. Learn more about Children’s Funeral Cover. Unlike some other organisations, once you become a member of the APS Benefits Group you can remain a member for life which means the funeral benefit is paid regardless of age.

As an added bonus once you reach 70 years of age your membership fees are waived whilst retaining full membership and full funeral cover.