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Find a form

Search application forms and downloads. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please get in contact.


   Membership Application
   PDF • 2.6MB

   Direct Debit Authority
   PDF • 180KB

   Payroll Deduction Authority
   PDF • 500KB

Funeral benefits

  Application for additional cover
   PDF (with cover rates) • 2.6MB

   Nominated Beneficiary Form
   PDF • 140KB


   Secured Personal Loan
   PDF • 1.2MB

   Unsecured Personal Loan
   PDF • 1.1MB

   Special Purpose Loan Application
   PDF • 1.5MB

   Caveat Loan Application
   PDF • 1.2MB

   Secured Car Loan application
   PDF • 1.3MB

   Application for Guarantor
   PDF • 812KB

   Payroll Deduction Authority
   PDF • 266KB

   Authority to Credit Funds
   PDF • 260KB

   Comparison Rate Warning
   PDF • 270KB

Loan repayment schedule

Members for less than 10 years

   Fortnightly Repayments (12.90%)
   PDF • 193KB

   Monthly Repayments (12.90%)
   PDF • 193KB

Wills and Estates

  Personal and Estate planning information document
   PDF • 400KB

Savings and Investments

   Term investment application
   PDF • 2.6MB

   Request to withdraw funds (31 Day NOW accounts only)
   PDF • 400KB

   Direct debit request (31 Day NOW accounts)
   PDF • 400KB

   Request to redeem Term Investment
   PDF • 400KB

   Direct Debit Authority for APS Savings
   PDF • 400KB

   APS Savings Rate Card
   PDF • 400KB

   Quarterly Director Certificate
   PDF • 400KB

   Half yearly report
   PDF • 353KB

   Annual Report
   PDF • 400KB

Other forms

   Appointment of Proxy
   PDF • 400KB

   Combined Financial Services Guide & Product Disclosure Statement
   PDF • 400KB

    Timothy Foster & Paul Hatzigeorgiadis’ Financial Services Guide & Privacy Policy – Fortnum (APS Financial Planning)
   PDF • 400KB