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Becoming a member entitles you to a funeral benefit

Membership is $3.00 per week. All members automatically receive a funeral benefit. Your funeral benefit will eventually be paid out to your family when you pass away to cover the cost of your funeral.

What is a funeral benefit?

Features & benefits

Share in our profits

Our annual surplus is generally returned to members as a bonus on top of your funeral benefit

Access all of our services

Gain exclusive access to our loans service with reduced interest rates for long serving members

Guaranteed funeral benefit

No medical checks required. Just peace of mind for your family knowing your funeral is taken care of

Membership is free when you turn 70 years old

For existing members, enjoy a funeral benefit that grows well into your retirement

Over 30,000 members and counting

From every state and territory in Australia

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Your professionalism was impeccable, not only in your understanding of the law, but explaining in simple words that we were able to understand and make decisions on.


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APS membership

“Joined in 2003, APS Benefits Group have been a life saver at times. Not only piece of mind with their funeral cover, but financial advice and loans to help in an emergency. I can’t rate them highly enough”


APS membership
APS Benefits member review

“I highly, highly recommend the services provided by APS Benefits Group and I doubt you’ll be able to find a better deal on Funeral Cover as well”


APS Benefits member review
Customer testimonial

“Excellent customer service and fantastic rates on savings. Also had funeral insurance and they paid out next day after being notified of my husband’s death. Great company”


APS Benefits members
APS Benefits member review

“I have been a member for more than 20 years and through the years I cannot fault the service. For me my preference will be to support APS Benefits rather than any of the big banks and I will remain a satisfied member”


APS Benefits member review
Customer testimonial

“Excellent Customer service from aps, been a member for more than 5 years and never had a bad experience. Always same day response! Keep it up apsbs family”


APS Benefits members

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Existing members can update their direct debit, credit card or bank account details by completing a direct debit request form

Becoming a member is easy

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You’ll need your driver’s licence, a utilities bill, Australian passport, birth certificate or proof of age card

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Who is eligible to become a member?

Anyone over the age of 1 is eligible to join as a member.

How long will I be a member for?

Unlike many other similar organisations, once you become a member of the APS Benefits
Group you remain a member for life which means your funeral benefit is paid regardless
of age. As an added bonus, once you reach 70 years of age, your membership fees are
waived whilst retaining full membership.

What do I receive for my membership?

For $3 per week, you will receive a guaranteed funeral benefit, be eligible to apply for loans with APS, and have access to our wide range of services including Financial Planning, Investments, Tax, Wills and much more. We’re here to help you stay on top of your money through all stages of life.

What happens if I leave the public service?

Once you are a member of the APS Benefits Group, you are a member for life even if you
leave the public service. APS Membership open to everyone, not just those who work in
public service.

Can I cancel at any time?

If you decide to leave the APS Benefits Group, simply give us a call to discuss the various
options that are available to you depending on the length of your membership.

Do my subscriptions increase at any stage?

No. Subscriptions are not indexed like other insurers. Once you sign up, the amount of your
subscription stays the same until you reach the age of 70 when membership is free.

Can I add to my cover at a later stage?

Yes. You can purchase additional cover up to $20,000 (not including bonuses) at any stage
of your membership. Contact our office for further details.

Are there any tax implications for a financial product of this kind?

No. There are no tax implications for a financial product of this kind.

Am I required to have a medical check to join?

No. You have guaranteed acceptance with no medical check required.

How can I pay my membership?

You can authorise us to debit your bank or financial institution on a weekly, fortnightly or
monthly basis alternatively we can debit your credit card on a quarterly, half-yearly or
annual basis.

Who can I nominate as my beneficiary?

Anyone. This is entirely up to you. But keep in mind that as your circumstances change so
may your beneficiary. You can change your beneficiary as often as you like.

Important information about the Combined Financial Services Guide & Product Disclosure Statement

When you become a member of the APS Benefits Group you will automatically be entitled to a funeral benefit issued by the APS Benefits Group. There is a Combined Financial Services Guide and Product Disclosure Statement for the funeral benefit, which can be obtained by clicking here. You should consider that document and consider whether the funeral benefit is appropriate for you, before deciding whether to become a member of the APS Benefits Group.

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