APS Benefits membership

What is an APS Benefits Membership?

The APS Benefits Group was formed by a small group of postal workers. They decided to put in sixpence from their pay each week to form a funeral fund for the widows when any of the society members died. Starting as the Victorian and Tasmanian Public Service Provident Fund, the APS Benefits group became one of the larger of many ‘funeral funds’ in the 1920s and 1930s in Australia. Today, the APS Benefits Group continues to offer funeral benefits through APS Benefits membership. We offer many other personal and financial products and services to over 30,000 members and clients Australia wide. Our services are available for everyone to use. Most of our members are current or former public servants, but family and friends are also welcome to join.

Funeral Benefits

Membership includes the peace of mind of a funeral benefit for LIFE. As a result, you are taking away the burden of your funeral costs from your loved ones. You will have guaranteed acceptance (no medical checks) and our funeral cover is available to everyone over 1-year-old. Your funeral benefit is generally paid to your loved ones within 24 hours of your passing. The process of receiving your benefit is made as seamless as possible for your loved ones because we know it is a difficult time.

As a not for profit organisation, our profits are generally returned to members through bonuses. This will grow and increase your funeral benefit overtime. In many cases, these bonuses are more than your membership subscription so as a result, your benefit will grow stress-free.

Access to financial and personal services

Your membership provides you with a funeral benefit and also allows you to gain exclusive access to our personal loans service with reduced interest rates for long-serving members. You are entitled to use all of the well-priced products and services that APS offers. This includes Tax and Accounting, Wills and Estates, Financial Planning, Savings and much more.

We are a member-owned co-operative that has built trust and provided security to our members for over 110 years. We want the best for you and your family, no matter what personal and financial services you require. Click here learn more about the APS Benefits Group.