Term Investment FAQs

Is the current interest rate likely to change soon?

APS Savings has always offered a competitive interest rate and there are no plans to reduce the current interest rate in the near future. Once you have opened an account, you will be able to make the most of our high interest rate for the duration of your term.

Can I withdraw funds prior to the maturity date?

Funds cannot be accessed before the maturity date.

Can I make regular payments from my salary?

You can make regular payments from your salary into your APS NOW account. At this stage, there is no provision of this facility for term investments.

Can I invest in a company name?

Investments may be held in the names of Partnerships, Superannuation Funds, Trusts, Companies and other incorporated bodies.

Can I have the investment in more than one name?

You can have an investment in more than one name, however, we will require “Method of Operation” such as Either to Operate or All Must Sign.

Do I have to supply my Tax File Number?

You are not obliged to provide your Tax File Number (TFN), however, if you do not, tax will be taken out of the interest payments at the top marginal tax rate plus the Medicare levy (currently 47% in aggregate).

Can I have multiple accounts?

You may have multiple investments with differing amounts and terms. You may also have multiple NOW Accounts which you may wish to save for different purposes.

How do I transfer the funds?

Once the application form is completed you can:

  • Complete a Direct Debit Authority for a ‘one-off” deduction from your nominated account, or
  • Deposit into our CBA account quoting your member number (or name)

You can contact our office within a few days to ensure that we have received the funds. If the above-mentioned methods are not suitable, you may forward a cheque payable to “APS Savings Ltd”

Can I set up a trust fund for my children or grandchildren and have the interest paid into their accounts?

Yes, you can have your interest paid into a trust fund, however, it is important that you obtain appropriate financial advice as there may be tax implications. *Please note we are not permitted to give this advice.