redraw your loan

It’s easy to access extra credit when you have an existing loan with APS. You can redraw your loan in four easy steps!

How to redraw your loan step by step

1. Login to APS Online using your Member Number as your Client Login

2. Click ‘Accounts’

3. Click ‘Transfer Money’

4. Complete the Following Details within the Transfer Money Screen:

  • Select Your Line of Credit account to transfer from
  • Enter in a reference to appear on your bank statement
  • Click Pay New Account
  • Enter in your bank account BSB Number
  • Input in your bank account number
  • Enter in your account name
  • Type the description to see on your bank statement
  • Enter in the amount you wish to transfer (Minimum $250 – includes a $50 top-up fee)
  • Click NEXT

We will deposit funds into your existing account unless otherwise notified.

This facility is only available for existing loans with an eligible line of credit facility and an account number ending in L3, L3.1, L3.2, etc. This is not available for loan accounts ending in L1, L4, L5, L6 or L7.

Email a request to loans@apsbenefitsgroup.com.au providing your member number, full name and the amount of the top-up (or state ‘maximum’). Minimum withdrawal amount $250 (includes a $50 top-up fee).

Need help with a redraw?
Don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 131 809