financial and legal advice

Did you know that all APS members have access to financial and legal advice through their membership? APS Benefits are the experts in financial wellbeing with services including loans, tax and accounting, financial planning, investments, legal services and much more. Having everything in the one place makes managing finances and seeking support as seamless as possible.


Meet Anna 

Anna is a member who is accessing a wide range of APS services. She has a funeral benefit and also gets her tax return completed by the team with APS Tax and Accounting. Anna recently emailed the team and mentioned that she would like to speak with someone about Financial Planning. She was also looking at a potential home purchase and hoping to update her Will. She speaks highly of the friendly team at APS and was confident that she would be able to get trusted advice.


Accessing financial and legal advice

Anna was able to chat with various members in the APS team including the Loans Manager, Financial Planner and Lawyer. She was then able to seek financial advice to ensure that her proposed purchase of property proceeded in the way best suited to her personal financial circumstances. Anna was also able to speak to the APS Lawyer to update her Will, assign Powers of Attorney and receive assistance with the conveyancing work in her proposed purchase of the property.


Everything in the one place

Being able to seek support from several experts within one organisation has allowed Anna to feel confident in her financial future. She knows that every time she needs to reach out to APS, she will receive friendly and trusted advice. 

Over 30,000 APS members and clients are enjoying the benefits of accessing financial and legal advice in one place. To learn more about APS services, click here.