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Redraw a Loan

If you’ve started repaying a loan, you might be able to access money  you’ve already repaid and use it for another opportunity


How to redraw

Eligible loans

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What is redraw?

If an APS loan has a redraw facility, that means you can access repayments that you’ve made on the loan. A small fee of $50 is required for each redraw with a minimum redraw amount of $250.

Redraw gives you extra flexibility in managing your loan. If you regularly pay more than your minimum required loan repayment, this may reduce the time it takes you to pay off your entire loan, reduce your interest repayments and build up the balance you have available to withdraw later.

How to redraw

Your options
Choose one of the following options to see how to redraw.

Self serve with APS Online

Here’s what you need to do to request a redraw using APS Online:

  1. Login to APS Online. You’ll need your Member Number as your Client Login
  2. Select Accounts
  3. Select Transfer Money
  4. Complete the following details within the Transfer Money Screen:
  • Select your account to transfer from (double check redraw is available on this loan)
  • Enter a reference to appear on your bank statement
  • Select Pay New Account
  • Enter in your bank details including a BSB and account number and account name
  • Enter a description to appear on your bank statement
  • Select the amount you wish to redraw (Minimum amount is $250)
  • Select Next

You’ll all done! Funds will be sent into your account for you to access.


Email a request

Email a request to loans@apsbenefitsgroup.com.au

Please provide:

  • your member number
  • full name
  • the amount of the top-up (or state ‘maximum’). The minimum withdrawal amount is $250

Eligible loans

A redraw facility is available for:

  • xxx
  • xxx
  • xxx

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