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Compliments and complaints

We care about your feedback. Let us know what we’re doing well, or how we could improve our services.

How to make a complaint

We’ll take your complaint seriously, work with you to address your complaint and try to find a solution that’s fair and reasonable.

Please tell us:

  • Your name and contact details (you can make an anonymous complaint if you would prefer)
  • What your complaint is about, including the products or services you’re complaining about, what went wrong and what you’d like us to do
  • Any supporting documentation

There are a few ways to make a complaint.

Phone: 1300 131 809

Email: info@apsbenefitsgroup.com.au

Send us a message in the space below. Please remember to provide your contact details.

Give a compliment

We love to hear about your positive experiences and when someone in our team makes things easier, quicker or special for you. We’ll pass on the compliment and make sure we keep up the good work.

Notices & downloads

Complaints Policy
PDF • 96 KB